International Patents



1. Cannelli G.B., D'Ottavi E, and Santoboni S.,

Electroacoustic pulse source for high-resolution seismic prospectings


-  U.S.A. Patent Number: 4,734,894, Date of Patent: Mar. 29, 1988


-  Canadian Patent N.1250040, Febr. 14,1989


-  European Patent n. EP 0230415 (Munich, 24.07.91


-  Japan Patent N. 8755/92, Febr. 18, 1992.




2.  Cannelli G.B., and D'Ottavi E.,

Echographic technique-based method and apparatus to detect

structures and anomalies of the subsoil and/or sea bottom and the like


- U.S.A. Patent  N.4,899,845, Date of Patent:  13.02.1990


- Canadian Patent N.1,316,249,  April 13, 1993


- Saudi Arabia  Official Gazetta, Um-Ul-Qura, N.3241 Suppl.(Jan.3, 1989)


- European Patent n. EP 0320466 (Munich, 10.06.92)


- Deutsch Patent n. DE 3871922 (3.12.1992).





3.  Cannelli G.B., and Santoboni S.,

Method and microprocessor-based apparatus for directly measuring a

particular index for the evaluation of the environmental noise pollution


- U.S.A. Patent N.5,072,415, Date of Patent: Dec.10, 1991


- European Patent n. EP 0322375 (Berlin, 28.06.87).




4.  Cannelli G.B., and D'Ottavi E.,

Device based on a tuned array of paraboloidal electroacoustic transducers

for high resolution sea bottom prospecting


- European Patent n. EP 0491775 (Munich,.22.02.1995)


- Deutsch Patent  n.DE 690 17220T2 (7. 09. 1995)


- Patente Espanola  n. ES2071114 (16.01.1997).




5.  Cannelli G.B., and D'Ottavi E.,

Method of high-resolution sea bottom prospecting and tuned array of

paraboloidal electroacoustic transducers to carry out such method


- USA Patent N. 5,398,217, Date of Patent March 14, 1995


- Japan Patent N. 5-505235 (August 5, 1993)


- Canadian Patent N. 2,065,457, July 14, 1998.




6. Cannelli G.B., and Calicchia P.,

Nondestructive acoustic method and device for the determination of

detachments of mural paintings


- USA Patent No. 6728661, Apr.27, 2004


- European  Patent No. EP1190243B1




7. Cannelli G.B.,

High-resolution and high-power ultrasound method and device for

submarine exploration


USA Patent  N. 7,352,653 B2, Date of Patent : Apr. 1, 2008.


Italian Patents


8. Stanzial Domenico e Schiffrer Giuliano

Procedimento e apparecchiatura per la realizzazione di un sistema

multicanale per il playback attivo di eventi sonori quadrifonici acustici

primo deposito n. RM2008A000123  

del 06/03/2008 concesso in data 01/06/2011 n. 1389043


9. D. Stanzial e G. Sacchi

Apparecchiatura per l'indagine clinico audiometrica

primo deposito n. PD2012A2000002 del 3/1/2012

ed estensione PCT n. PCT/IB2013/050060 del 3/1/2013

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